When bad things happen to good people.

That's a hard one, isn't it. I have talked to two people this week whose worlds have totally changed for the worst....one friend found out her hubby is having an affair, and my sis n' law has found out her dear dad has cancer. There is nothing really to say! How can you help them feel better when there is nothing positive about either situation? It's useless to say that "God knows the big picture", or that "He is watching over you and will meet your needs" etc. etc. Especially at this point, when everything is still a shock and there is so much anger...saying stuff like that is not going to help. And at the same time you feel a little useless saying that you'll pray for them and are here if they need to talk. I try to think of what I would want someone to do for me in those situations...and I guess everyone deals with things differently too, so it's not an easy answer. Sad sad :(


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