We decided it was time to get "country" and go
to a farm. Our boys are such city kids. There is this little acreage which is not too far away which is actually getting surrounded by houses as our city is expanding. It's called Butterfeild Acres...it's super cute...lots of little red barns, lots of trees and of course a good selection of young animals. The first pen we walked right into had baby goats in it. Short little cute baby goats. Both boys broke out into tears and climbed up our legs!! Baby goats!! I know. We need to get a hamster or something. They are even scared of cats. Anyway...we still attempted to get them to pet things, and they warmed up to it a bit. Their favorite part was just being outside in this mother-huge sandbox and on these great John Deere trikes. I had a great time taking pictures...check for more on my link down left. We had a picnic lunch in the back of the van with the trunk up, hanging our legs out. My mom has this picture of us as kids eating out of the back of our VW van like that...big bucket of KFC...brought back memories! Anyway... it was a fun day, only rained a little on us.
Oh ya, and an update. I bought a new bathing suit! no more butt crack.


Anna said…
Oh that is so funny that the boys were so terrified of the goats!
Glen said…
I'm Scared of Goats Too!! It might run in the family... Maybe to many animated retellings of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" is to blame!

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