Common decency

Come on! Don't people do stupid things?
Let me share...
Today I was in a mad rush to Superstore to grab some much needed diapers (down-to-the-diaper- bag kind of serious). I was supposed to meet a friend (for the puddle jumping) immediately following, so I was rushing the boys as usual. I really hate the carts at Superstore cuz you need your loonie and have to put it in the little thing and grab your cart which weighs about 60pds without the kids in save some time, I saw this lady just putting her cart away, so I, have my loonie and I'll take your cart. She was like Sure! (a cute 60yr. old grandma-type). She stayed to watch and grin as I hauled the two boys up and into the front seat (quite a feat with a four year old in rubber boots). Anyway...remember, I'm in a rush here. I have a friend to meet! So the lady stands there grinning. I get them all hooked in, ready to run. And as I pull the cart back I realize that the stupid wheels of the cart are both broken!! Both twisted so far in I could hardly push!! I gave it my all and was like ...I can do this....I just need diapers. But I could barely push them through the automatic door! I almost screamed. Why didn't this granny have the decency to tell me that the cart she just "sold" me had broken wheels!!! Why did she sit there and watch me take 5 minutes trying to stuff them in the seat and then I had to turn around and do it all over again!!!!! ARGH. Am I over-reacting here!!!? She was still standing there grinning and I was so dumb-founded at how clueless she was that I just stormed past her and made a big huff as I did the whole routine over again.
I mean really!!


Peter Matthes said…
Granny sold you a lemon.

You gotta watch those seniors.
Anonymous said…
yah, I that kind of things makes me crazy!! This blog things is pretty cool! Thanks for giving me your link. I love your pictures keep em comin!!
Anonymous said…
that last one was me..Jess. I forgot my password..hehe

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