Puddle jumping

We woke up today for what was "forcasted" to be a sunny 23 degrees, and it was raining yet again. I think it's been 3 weeks now. My friend who is also a mom of two young boys, called me up out of desperation to see if we could hang out and keep eachother sane. So I packed up their bikes and put them in their boots and off we headed to her place. We had decided to head out in the rain anyway, cuz ENOUGH of being in the house. Well I arrived to her door and her little 2yr. old was outfitted in this head-to-toe wet suit that you would expect a fisherman to have, only much more stylin. The big brother was in full on rain pants and coat as well. I was so not prepared. The mom came out in these cute flower gumboots. I had on my runners. So we set out...and the puddles!! oh my goodness. There was this one puddle on the side of the paved road that was up to Rileys knees! We went to this feild and it was one huge soggy wet patch. The boys had a blast. They were running through and kicking and sometimes falling. We spent a long while out there and then on our way back to her house, Riley had to stop to drain out his boots.....he held the boot upside-down and it was pouring out for ages that he and the rest of us just stood there laughing! We ended the visit in their backyard where there was a convenient mud pit and a kiddie pool. Liam kept wiping his snot with his muddy hands and his face was absolutely priceless...my friend took a picture which I will definitely post later.
Anyway...I didn't expect my friend to be so carefree about all the mess. She had told me she had recently read this article somewhere about this young mom who had cancer and was taking advantage of all the small things (like playing in the rain)....and she was like....what the hey...a little extra laundry never hurt anyone!! And its so true...it's in those simple things, like puddles and mud where you can truly have FUN!
So I had to strip the boys down to their undies and stick their clothes in a bag before I could strap them back in their carseats.


Anna said…
Oh that sounds fun! You made me wish I was in there with them! I need to get some boots for Levi I guess with all this summer rain we're getting here too. Can't wait to see the pics!

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