My other hobby

Yes, it's true...I do have other hobbies other than happens to be making cards. It's not so much the making as the assembling them that I finding paper...putting it all together...making the wire word for it. I'm not so much into the glueing...but it's nice to see a quickly finished product...I don't know if I would ever have the patience to do a whole scrapbook. I haven't gotten into stamping so much...usually cuz it takes many stamps to keep it interesting for me, and they aren't cheap. It is fun if you can get together and borrow someone elses. It's easier to have a large selection of paper which keeps me from getting bored. I haven't been making too many cards lately. I try to make personalized ones (like the picture) for new babies that have arrived. There have been many babies in our church and in our I guess I average about 2 cards a month...give or take a few.


Heather said…
I love the colour of the paper!

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