The days are long, the years are fast.

Got the official papers today that confirmed Riley's placement in the afternoon kindergarden class. Riley had spent the whole afternoon today at his best friends house...and I was thinking to myself...this is how quiet it's going to be every afternoon next year! It was almost freakingly quiet (as Liam was sleeping for 3 hours!). But also very nice. I have loud children. I will appreciate the quiet. And yet...I can't believe this whole school phase is starting! You moms with goes FAST! I've been feeling so guilty lately (which is a normal mom thing)....that I'm not enjoying this time more. I am so blessed that I can stay home with my boys. I love having boys!! I hope my desire to have a girl doesn't hide the truth from others that I always wanted boys and love all the parts about being a mom of boys. I can't always relate, and find them super challenging! but I love having them. They are going to be great little men. Just praying that I make the most of every opportunity and I thank all my friends and family who encourage us. Our friends who live down the back alley have really been like family for us here and I really appreciate them.


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