My plants make me happy

What can I say, they do!! I only have about 7 indoor plants, most of them violets. I LOVE my violets. We aquired them when we moved into our duplex...they had frozen and were left there to die I guess. But somehow they revived and I have split them into 6 different pots now. They always have flowers and are very forgiving. I just recently added to my collection of violets and went for a pink one as all I had before was purple. I keep them all on my kitchen window sill which is getting rather crowded, but they love it there.
I have taken the next step in gaining a green thumb and last summer I laid some sod in the back, and left a spot to make a tiny 10ft x 3ft garden spot. I have peas, carrots, spinach, raspberries, strawberries and sweet peas in there. Under the kitchen window I'm growing sunflowers again, and have some large tiger lilies. The weather has been perfect for them and all is going well.
There is this bunny who sits there by the fence. I swear he is waiting for the peas to grow. I caught him with my camera.


Heather said…
Way to go with the garden! I need some new indoor plants only my peace lilly and my violet made all the moves and me forgetting to water and care for them. I put up some frames today so my house is coming together!
Anna said…
Looks good Sarah. Do you remember at that craft fair there in Calgary a couple years ago we each bought a plant? I don't even know what it is but anyway, since we moved to SA, mine has at least doubled in size! It didn't like it up north but it loves it here. You still have yours?
Sarah said…
No...mine was a jade plant that just got taller and taller and then i think it just fell over. It was in a mug. i still have the mug!
Anonymous said…
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