Our little clown

I don't want to smile for the camera mommy!
But you look so cute! It's Sunday! You're all dressed up!
No mommy, me get down from here.

This guy is priceless. He has the best expressions and the funniest sayings. Lately he's been teething and with every tooth he gets really sick. So as the 8hrs was up, and the Motrin was losing its effect...he woke up feverish. Yet...just like every night if he happens to wake in the middle of it, and everything is dark and I'm stumbling around refilling his water or getting his medicine....he grabs my face and turns it towards him and in his most serious tone he says. "I come downstairs with you mommy." Last night I was like, no! mommy is trying to sleep! Oh.

He's quite the little ham. He'll keep us laughing all our days.


Heather said…
Aww.. He is so funny. I love his little serious comments. He is a very thoughtful little guys on the whole.

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