The boys are playing...TOGETHER!...NICELY! I was hoping this day would come. It's almost been an hour and they've been either in Rileys closet playing bus...or down in the basement playing cars on their road carpet. No fighting!! I need to tape their cute little voices....
"Look at my big race car, Liam!"
"WHoa, Ri-lo...nice"
"You wanna race with me?"
"Ok I come!"
So cute. I love listening to their happy voices. Good timing, as I feel crappy. I got a nasty summer cold (I usually only get 2 or less colds a year and they are always really big ones.) So I feel clouded and like snot. Greg was sweet and fed them supper last night while I slept and got groceries after he went to his worship I have nothing I need to do today but rest up. We had such a great week! Zoo, School, Soccer, Swimming, Date night, Gym, Library, today we're doing nothing and I don't actually feel too guilty about it. I haven't told my friends about this blog yet...just you I need to make up a big email and invite everyone over. I'd love it if all my out-of-town friends could all start blogging and write comments like your Summerland pals do. Ciao


Heather said…
Yeah, you should let everyone know you have a great site here! I love it!

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