My butt crack is showing

Yes, it's true. My good ol bathing suit has kicked the bucket. It is disintegrating right before me. I definitely need a new one before I hit the pool again on Saturday. I've been doing aqua fit (deep and shallow) 2x a week since about October. It has been great! I love it. I also have made friends through it and have saved my sanity. Oh, and of course, I've managed to get more toned (which helps my lame ol back) and reach my newest low weight since I had Liam. Yipee for me. We have this new teacher who is exactly like Cameron Diaz, only about 50 years old. She smiles with her whole face and is completely contagious with that grin. I think if Anna or Mich was in class with me...we'd be dying laughing cuz its almost insanely cheesy even though its truly genuine!! And you know...I think in my previous life, I was a syncronized swimmer...cuz I've always felt truly at home in the water.
My cold is almost completely gone but Liams has just begun and he is such a CRANK! along with the molars too. It is getting so old. I feel bad for him usually, but by supper time when he's climbing up my leg while I'm trying to make dinner...I'm ready to just lock him in his room or stick in earplugs. Hummmmm...time for some yoga.....a little de-stress. Hence the need for me to run off to the pool tonight. Maybe I should try yoga for real too.


Heather said…
Yeah you do look great! I was thinking that when you were down here! Awesome job! I need to work out again :( I've been slacking off and buying icecream too... ahhh well

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