Nice day for a wedding

This photo expresses what kind of day these boys had. Mommy and daddy (us), had a rare four hours away from the boys as we attended a wedding. The boys went to stay with our good friends (who also have 2 boys) for the afternoon. They had non-stop fun, and mom and dad had a nice break too. Then they came home for lime popsicles and we rented Madagascar. I hadn't seen it yet. was a nice day for a wedding...warm with a breeze. The wedding was at 11am and the reception was a luncheon and started immediately afterwards. Smart...except for the fact that they still had to follow with pictures. Poor guys. I loved getting the official send-off and running out the doors of the church for our honeymoon. Funny all the things I would change now though, if I were to get married today. Most people are going for the simple...forget the silly cake, candlelighting, bouquet toss, garder thingy etc. etc. I think photo styles are changing too... a little more candid...less line up the groomsmen type thing.
We sat at a table full of young couples...all in their early 20's, without kids. Planning their evening ahead. I couldn't relate. They are young and busy and so full of energy...ya, I'm young and busy and full of energy...but its all poured into the kids! They have no idea how much it'll take out of them when they decide to "settle down". It is so not settling!! It's more like...lets add craziness to this equation. That's why I started early. And not too early...I think it was just right.
Well the boys have zonked out within 2 minutes of their little heads hitting the pillows. I had to bath them after supper cuz they were covered in sand, sweat and popsicles. I hate having sand in my bed. So they are getting lots of baths on these sunny days.
Enjoying the sun and signing off.....


Heather said…
I'm glad you had a nice afternoon out without the boys... it was well deserved I'm sure.

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