Fun in the Sun

Today was a great day. It was sunny for once and we had to head out to the soccer wind-up party. We had the perfect timing and got there for a short line up for food (which is a big deal as the line ended up getting crazy long!) Riley got his very first medal ever, and was very proud. Then after Liam had his nap, we headed out to Peter's Drive In for shakes and burgers, then Riley park which has this great wading pool and the boys loved it and were up to their necks in the water. We are a little burnt but the boys were so happy all day and we enjoyed being outside.
Then we got home at 8pm, and I caught Liam as he was looking like he was going to poop and stuck him on the potty and he WENT! Yeah! His very first poop on the potty! We were all hooting it up. He got a big treat. Now they are in bed and Riley said he was still going to wear the medal around his neck!
Please send out a prayer as tommorrow Greg and I are going to be up front helping lead worship and I'll be doing all the big action songs! It's Children Ministry all the music will be the songs we've done for the kids in church. was a great day and the weekend is not over yet. Hope you're having fun too.


Heather said…
Pete's Drive in that sounds great! I'm sure Riley won't need to dream tonight as he feels on top of the world with his soccer metal. How cute!
Luke said…
Two significant events in one day. Poop on the potty??? Man, Liam needs a medal too!

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