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A new phase

So much for keeping up a blog. Who has time for this anyway. I used to keep a diary too! Those days are long gone! We now are hopeful to get our big kids out of our space by 10pm so we can have 30 minutes of quiet time! I hardly have time to read anymore, and when I try, I just fall asleep. I took on a hospital job for the winter again. It was four days a week from December to April, and covered the crazy winter surge of extra patients (think flu/broken bones from ice). I loved being at the hospital and the change from my other job was nice. I returned to Bastion Place (the Pathways to Home rehab program) in the spring, so it was good to mix it up and have that ability to do so under the same employer. I don't have much of a social life these days as I'm usually shuffling kids around and keeping up with the house and continual grocery runs/cooking (after work). There are very hollow legs around this joint! We have had nearly a year of stress with family relationship…

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