Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hi friends, and hello spring! Life is going along at a quick pace, and I'm already looking into summer plans and activities. I have been working at least a day a week, and sometimes more. Last week my boss just finally got me booked into a regular casual schedule on Monday/Wed/Friday from 9am to 2pm, which is quite welcome! I didn't like being called the night or morning of the day I'd be working. This makes my life a lot simpler. The position is at the old folks home,but is in the rehab (convalescent care) section. It is made up of 5-10 people who have usually come from the hospital and are more or less medically stable but not ready to go home. We do lots of exercise and classes, as well as cognitive work with the patients. The goal is that they go back home in 2-6 weeks so we get a nice turnover of clients. It is a much slower pace than the hospital and has more of a homey environment. The boss is still trying to hire and has some new applicants, so my "position" won't last long, but for now it's working nicely. I'm hoping it'll last until summer. Time for work....more later!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Finished pillow

I finally finished a project I started in the fall. I had been given some wool for my last birthday, and figured I should get using it and make something for myself as the wool was a gift for ME after-all! I am still fearful to make myself a sweater in case I hate it, so decided to make a cabled sweater for my pillow!
I used this pattern from ravelry to get me started. I think next time I'll try a more chunkier pillow like this one in hopes that it'll go a little quicker. I decided to do a three needle bind off to finish the project and then on the other open end, I sewed in a zipper by hand so I can remove the case if needed. I really like the finished product!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two Shea stories

This past weekend, my parents asked Shea and I to join them on the long trek up north to Prince George to visit my sister and her family. We decided to go for it, as I would never do the drive on my own with kids and love any opportunity to party with the fam. So Shea got to skip school on Friday, and we drove up. We were able to stay in our favorite hotel there, which is like an indoor Hawaii, with palm trees and pools. It really is a cheap paradise, especially in winter. While there, we all went out for breakfast in the hotel restaurant, which is like a tiki hut in the main area of the hotel. Shea got the buffet and ended up finishing his meal before mine had even come. I figured I could be trusting and send him out with his older cousin to walk around in the hotel while we finished eating. I looked at him sternly in the eyes and said..."DO NOT GO near the pool. Don't even go around it. Just walk around the outside and stay far from the pool." Off the two ran, and the rest of us adults ate our breakfast. No less than 10 minutes later, Shea's other cousin came to the table and said, "The boys are in the pool." IN THE POOL?? How, what and IN THE POOL???? We purposely did not give the kids the room keys as we didn't want them getting into anything. All sorts of images were going through my head. I left my breakfast and ran off to the pool. My sister was there already hauling her son out, and I didn't have to say much and Shea came out and we marched straight to the hotel room. HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET IN THE ROOM?? He had his suit on, goggles and everything. He would have had to get dressed at Olympic speed and would have made a beeline straight to the pool from leaving the restaurant as it was only a few minutes later. "The cleaning lady let me in." Oh my word. BUT HOW did you think that was ok, as I said to go nowhere near the pool. What a rotter. I couldn't believe he would so blatantly disobey me. We have a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG way to go. His only good excuse was that my cousin (a responsible adult that we can trust) ironically was visiting PG too, was in the pool and asked the boys if they were coming in!! But still....any thought that maybe you could ask your mom if that was OK???!! KIDS. To be so carefree. The next day, we were lazing around in our hotel room. The adults were watching the olympics and the kids were running around and having fun. Shea asked me for a toonie to head to the gumball machines that are all around the hotel. It took him quite awhile, and I was almost tempted to go check the pool area again! Finally after 5 minutes, he came back and stumbled loudly into the room and announced. "AHHHHHH, I feel so good. I just had the best massage ever!" "I got 4 minutes and I L.O.V.E'd it!" The little crazy kid had spent his toonie on a four minute massage chair! What a nut. He is so crazy right now. Funny, adorable, but exhausting. Anyone wanna borrow him for awhile??

Friday, January 24, 2014


So I worked up til January 10th, training my replacement and then have been home. It does feel really weird to go from working SO hard to doing just housework or knitting! It was a welcome break, but ironically I almost feel more tired. Now that my body is allowed to relax, it almost seems like it's trying to catch up on the last crazy year of insanity! I also stay up later, knowing I don't have to work in the morning, so I guess that isn't great. I did get called in already to cover for the new girl, as she needed a personal day. Next week I have two days of orientation at the convalescent care program. I don't know what kind of casual work I'll get over there, but even a day or two a week would be great. I'm really hating this time of year and can't WAIT for spring. The snow is just dirty and crusty and the sidewalks are terrible for walking. I really hate going outside, and I have little motivation to get working out again, though I did try a barre class which was a mix of pilates and ballet and man did I hurt for the next three days following! I do look forward to walking/running again once the weather improves. The boys have kept me busy with their various activities and helping them with their homework. We've been doing multiplication cards and reading as much as possible around here. Riley is doing a lot of guitar and ukelele and Shea is really doing well at his piano lessons. I need to dedicate 20 min. a day to helping him get through his theory and practicing, so it's a lot of work on my part as well. Check out two of his piano solos on my facebook page! Hurry up, spring....

Monday, January 13, 2014 favorite subject!

I love how with a toddler, you never know what you're going to get because they are so spontaneous with their faces and movements.
I'm looking forward to spring, and all the flowers that I'll be able to photograph. For now, I've got my poinsettia and some dried hydrangeas!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Done like dinner

Ok, so today was officially my official last day of work. (I know I've been saying that awhile!) It was my last day at the end of July, and then I went back in September and have been there til now. I had taken Christmas off, (cuz I'm casual and I can do that!) and then came back after the two weeks to train my replacement. I was only supposed to train her for 2 days, but it turned into four, so I almost worked another whole week. At the end of the day, my replacement suddenly informed me that she would love to job share and would be happy to give up one day a week of her full-time position. I was overjoyed to hear it, but hopes were dashed soon after when I approached my boss about it. She said that the union only will accept 50/50 job shares, or maybe a 40/60, but not a 20/80 or whatever that would be. :( I think it has to do with benefits, and that the union wants all permanent employees to have access to benefits. I would happily work without benefits, as I have been all year, but ya. So that's sad. I may write the union, and see what their reasoning is. So now the only options left are the two positions available at Bastion Place, both part time, but since it's a position, I'd have to work every other weekend and of course all school holidays/summer (so no). Or getting some casual positions to cover those currently unfilled posts. That may not happen for awhile, as they are still working out their new expanded convalescent program there. So it's a wait-see for now.
I must admit that I'm rather sad, but feeling also happy I am not in a position where I HAVE to work, or have to take what I get. I get the chance to pick the best option for our family. I am going to enjoy getting some more social time in, and cleaning out our disaster house! Maybe I'll get my kitchen tile in one of these days!!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Crossroads and decisions

I've been enjoying my part time casual position at the hospital this fall. Our hospital and neighboring old folks home is in the midst of transition, taking on a new rehab program this year. It means many changes for the employees, and many new job openings. As we're in the midst of this change, I've been able to cover on a casual basis. I've been able to work at the job I had full time previously (from Jan. to July) and I love it. I know the physio/occupational team, and the longer I'm there, the more useful I am to them. So it has been a win/win scenario. Sadly, because it's all union, one can not keep a permanent casual position...I guess they prefer that you own a position. My job will be posted as what it should be, a full time spot. I am not wanting to apply for it, as I really am reluctant to send the kids to daycare and pull them out of all after school events. I also don't want to be working every school holiday, and especially the summer. Not now. Not while they are still young and still think I'm fun to hang out with! There is a possibility of a job share, but again, hours will be set and it won't be so flexible as it is now. I am worried that if I don't take a position, that nothing will be left for me to cover, other than to work while the people in positions take their vacations! I guess best case scenario would be that no one wants my job, so they would just take me for the hours I'm willing to give. (A girl can dream!) So it is a stressful waiting game now. I am just trying to focus on how blessed I've been so far, and how happy I am to be working and to have earned some money and valuable work experience and references to go with. And God knows, right? He's worked everything out so far!