Graduation day!

So my son graduated from preschool today. They performed two cute little songs and then came in one by one to recieve their certificate. How cute can it get. I am going to miss preschool!! I really enjoyed the way it broke up the week and forced me to get outside by 9am. I often went to the open gym or the library with Liam...or shopping, or visited with the other moms. I'm going to miss the ladies I saw there weekly, and hope to keep up with them though I know it'll be hard. Riley enjoyed his mornings there too and got to do so many more crafts than he can at home. He didn't seem to mind that preschool is over as he knows that next it'll be kindergarden, daily. :)


Anna said…
Congratulations Riley Boy! Soon you'll be graduating from high school and we'll all be wondering where the time went!
Greg Davidson said…
Congratulations Son! I just remembered that your Mom and I both graduated from high school on the same day 12 years ago now.
Heather said…
Wow, He looks so grown up! I think he looks a little like Grandpa Mertz in that middle pic. I was just looking at his birth pictures the other day. It is hard to believe he is already ready for starting school full time in the fall.
Angella said…
SO cute! I can't believe Graham is starting preschool in the fall.

Is it me, or does time really go by TOO FAST?


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