You're losers

Of the baby poll that is. We all have guessed wrong. Nobody wins...especially not me. Boo hoo.
So here we are. The big D-Day. Due dates officially SUCK!
I thought for sure I would be giving birth early. I thought a lot of things about this pregnancy that never happened. It's throwing me for a loop. I am mostly just impatient. I have really sore times in the evening and tons of contractions. I don't sleep well. I'm pretty cranky cuz I'm tired of having my life revolving around whether or not I'm about to go into labor. I don't know whether or not to send Greg to work or make him stay. I am getting nervous more and more, about his size especially. This is SO hard. I am assuming it can't go past this Thursday as I'll be begging the doctor at the appointment to strip my membranes...cuz goodness, enough is enough. I'm FULL term and already dilated. I've been walking, mopping, mowing, scrubbing...pretty much anything to get this show on the road and EVERYONE is waiting on me. I feel like I'm being watched and just am not pulling through for anyone. I know it'll all be a distant memory soon...that's why I'm writing about it. But PLEASE LORD! LET MY WATER BREAK! NOW!


Anna said…
Oh honey, don't stress! ! he'll arrive just when he's supposed to, and then we'll all be thrilled with you! ! Hang in there! !
Love you LOTS!
Mom (on Anna's)
Heidi said…
Have you tried squats!?
I'm sure the little guy is on his way, don't stress. We're cheering for you Sarah!

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