Still here

Yup. And belly is still large.
I have a doctor appointment in a few minutes here, and then I hope to go immediately into labor :)
I'll give you the details later this afternoon and will take some LAST prego pictures today. (Well that's MY plan.)

Hubby (Greg) came with me to the doc for the first time this pregnancy and got to meet my new doctor who I totally love, so that was good. I'm sure hoping she'll be around when it's time to deliver.
Not too much has changed. I've officially gained 10kg, I'm between 1-2cm dilated, 25%effaced, soft/med. position. Measuring 38weeks. that can all mean one of two things...
a) I'll be delivering in the next 12 hours.
b) Nothing at all.
Don't you just love the waiting game?!


The Foulds said…
I hope YOUR plan works! :)
Anna said…
I'm hoping for option (a) as I'm sure you are too. Good luck!
Susie said…
I just wanted to thank you for your kind words on my little vent. It's so nice to know we are not alone in our feelings. Good luck today. Hopefully you will be holding your bambino soon.
Heather said…
Everytime you post I think you are having this lil guys! All the best today. You'll be in my thoughts!
Mark said…
Hi honey. Nice to know that the God who made you has made the little one inside you too. He will in His perfect time bring him to light of day. Shalom!

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