A pinch and a punch

...first day of the month!!
YAY! It's MAY!
You know what that means! Warmer weather, flowers, gardening, it's that much closer to summer!
Oh ya...and ITS BABY MONTH!
I have a doctor appointment today where I'm hoping she'll inform me that I'm already 3cm dilated and have a bulging bag of waters or something ;)
I'll keep you posted.

So I took Liam with me to the doctor, and he really was such an angel child. Honestly, he sat on the chair the whole time and I was so impressed that I took him to 7-11 afterwards to celebrate.
I had to undergo the whole nice strep B swab test thing, so while she was down there anyway, and I was in one of those nasty gowns, I asked her to check where things were at.
I'm at a whole 1 centimeter dilated!! Whoopee! She also said I'm "soft", so once the head gets lower and applies some pressure, it should be fast. Oh I certainly hope so.
I have big plans to bounce on the yoga ball tonight, so I'll catch you later.


Elizabeth said…
Yahoo!!! Good luck!
The Foulds said…
Ooo, so exciting! I hope the bouncing works! :)
heidi said…
you go tigger!!! bounce, bounce, bounce!!!
Tanneal said…
One cm...YAYY!! I hope that Yoga ball helps =) Soon we get to meet your little man! Hooray!

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