Are you getting tired of seeing the grouchy tired prego lady?? I sure am, so I thought I'd update the blog and move that picture down a bit.
So I'm still here. I really can't believe it and it's getting harder for me to wait. I am SO done. I am tired of the questions and stares and I just want to have good news for a for the 100th time,
No, nothing is happening.
Moving on...
Are you enjoying the long weekend? We got a visit from my aunt Carla Marie. She comes to see us about once a year when she's out here for work or as in this case, for her daughters volleyball national tournament. We went out on Saturday to watch her play 3 sets at the Olympic Oval. Her team won every game. I'm not sure where her team stands now, but they should be done this morning. Go Ducks!! Seeing my cousin, who is now 15, makes me feel suddenly very old. I moved to Salmon Arm when I was 15. I met Greg that year, and was busy with my highschool friends and activities. Doesn't feel that long ago, except that my cousin was just a baby at that time!! Yikes, where does the time go.
We're going to hit the mall today. Would you believe that it's like sleeting here!? Like white stuff is actually falling out of the sky!! YUCK! I officially packed away the boots and snowpants, so the kids are just going to have to play indoors. My peas are coming up in the garden, yet its almost snowing. There's Calgary weather for ya.
Anyway...enjoy the rest of your weekend!! I'll try.


Tanneal said…
John and I were married in Calgary in May and we had snow, rain, sleet and sun that day...lucky you're moving from the capital of crazy weather!!

I totally hear you about feeling old seeing the babies you knew now all grown up! Kids that were in Youth when I was a sponsor are getting married and starting to have babies!! Weird!

Due dates are stinky things I've decided. If we ever have another I'm going to take our 'due date' very lightly! I hope you don't have to go too much longer!!
The Foulds said…
Waiting sucks!
Hope you enjoyed the mall though. :)
Heidi said…
We had awesome weather here today in Smithers but it has been a long time in coming! Thanks for the blog updates even though you feel yucky. I think you and Greg should rent a movie and relax tonite. I just watched 'A Night With A King' (about Esther). It was good.

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