Friday night

Oh...I really love Friday nights...well, actually right at 6pm my spirit is lifted when "daddy" walks through the door and the weekend has officially begun.
It hasn't been easy to keep up with my two gaffers while being humungo preggo. Being boys, they have a lot of physical energy, and I have been trying to avoid saying every two seconds...GET AWAY from my nasty sore tummy! QUIT jumping on my balance is just not quite perfect these days. NO I CAN'T PICK YOU UP! Instead I'm trying to remind them that the baby is almost ready to come out and THEN I can be back to my ol' self. Focus on the positive, right. It didn't help that it poured like mad this week, so we didn't get to do our usual 2 hour biking/park times after school.
Yes...the basketball belly is still fully intact. I'm ok with him in's the SIZE thing I worry about. That by the day he is putting on a few more ounces...and every day that goes by, he's just getting bigger. Maybe this weekend something will happen as I generally "deliver on weekends" like a good ol' dependable pizza shop.
If I don't get that wish...there are no big plans for the weekend. I should probably do some more packing while I have the time and get shopping for a few essential baby things I've been forgetting about. I haven't been in the baby stage for over 3 years...kinda exciting.


Tanneal said…
I can't wait to 'meet' whoever's in there!
Angella said…
Me too!

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