Cheers. To friends.

I just had to write a little blog about friends. I have been blessed in life with many different types of friends in all the many places I have been.
Last year when Riley was in preschool, I met some cool ladies during the pick up/drop off times. One actually has joined our church and sold our house for us!!
This year I have walked Riley to kindergarden every day and we are required to stand outside and wait with our children until the teachers come out and take them in. This has led to many more relationships. Kids are great for that!!
One mom lives only blocks from my house and so we often walk half way home together. She has two boys as well, and just had a baby girl. As time has gone on, we've gotten to know eachother more and just wish we had met sooner! Our little toddlers are best buddies now...
Check it out....we went for a big walk to the lake today.

Liam calls him Bwodee (Brody) and Brody calls him Weeam.


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