Mothers Day Wishes

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there...especially mine.

This is the card I sent to my mom...

Why did the mom cross the road?

No one could tell, really.
She was mumbling to herself about PEACE and QUIET.
She circled the block a couple of times and came back a LOT happier.


This is the card that Riley gave to me this morning...(interview style)

1. What is your mother's job? Moms take care of us. She watches us cross the street, and watches out for me. She cleans the house up, and helps us get healthy. She has a baby in her tummy so sometimes I help her do the dishes.
2. What does your mom look like? My mom has a brown sweater. She looks like she has a big ball in her tummy. My mom's eyes are blue and her hair is brown. When she gets up in the morning her eyes look foggy because she doesn't have her glasses on.
3. How old is your mother? My mom is 30 years old.
4. Tell what you like to do with your Mom and why she is special. I like to do crafts and painting with my mom. I like playing with her too. We play cars and computer games. My mom is special because I love her.

Love Riley


Heather said…
Awww... both cards are such good ideas! Hope you have a great day :)
Angella said…
I love both cards too! Hope you're feeling good today, oh preggo one :)
Heidi said…
I'm guessing you've been a bit TOO BUSY to update your blog lately!?! Happy Mother's day!

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