Though we could visually see the contractions on the monitors, it was determined that my water hadn't broken?! and so I was sent home again to wait it out. I must have had a serious boot to the bladder... enough to fill like 2 pads with fluid. I would have bet my life on the fact that it had broken, so they did 2 tests. So here I sit again with these annoying but not-big-enough contractions.
So sad. I thought it all would have been over by now.


Tanneal said…
AS IF!!!! I was totally thinking about you last night after reading your last post!! You poor thing...I can't believe it!

My water broke with Jake too, but there wasn't that much fluid, the same as you described. That is too weird! I hope everything happens so soon for you...I totally remember the torture of everyday I went overdue. You start to wonder if it'll ever happen, but it will...I'll pray that it's SOON for you!!
The Foulds said…
Poor you! How aggravating.
Good thing he can't stay in there forever!
I'll be praying he comes soon!!
Heidi said…
Oohhhh Sarah! I can't believe it. Maybe your womb is equiped with one of those new portable DVD players and the little guy just spilled his drink. He's probably watching something like 'The Lord of the Rings' series and it won't be over for awhile.
karen said…
I'm sorry it's not happening yet! Good news is though, that it WILL HAPPEN SOON!! Hang in there!
Amanda said…
How disappointing! I've been checking in often to hear the news. Can't wait...I'm sure you're past the point of being ready.

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