40 week appointment

For those of you who bother to check in anymore!! Yes...still here. I had a doctors appointment this morning. Not much to tell except that I'm 2cm dilated now, but the head is still quite high up there. She stripped my membranes for me (ouch) in attempts to get things started. All I feel is sore and yucky after that. I'm still measuring 38 weeks along but am gaining weight. The one nurse didn't figure that the baby seemed overly huge or anything, so I'm trying to keep optimistic. The baby has head down but is doing this funky leg splitz. It explains the crazy movement I'm getting!!
And that's it. Next appointment on Tuesday. From there they will do a stress test/ultrasound to check on baby's weight and/or if there are any reasons he is deciding not to come out!
It is super late here. I went and got my hair cut tonight and then had a visit from a good friend, Marie and her girls, which was a great distraction for the whole evening.
And man, wasn't LOST great last night!?! I can't believe I have to wait til September now to see more!


Heidi said…
I keep having a feeling that this baby is not going to be as big as your others so I'm glad the nurse thinks so too. How's the weather...catching some rays before the big day????...whenever that is!!!!!
Loved Lost!
Everyone is probably already telling you this, but I think it won't be too much longer before you're having that baby!
Royden and Ruth said…
We've been on a lost hiatus since it is on too late for our 6am mornings...but we did watch the finale. Great! Can't wait to see pics of the new little Davidson...praying that all goes well for you:)!

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