Biking, biking. ALL DAY LONG

My boys would LIVE on their wheels if I let them. Liam wasn't much into biking until he caught onto his two wheeler with the training wheels and can now skid and go almost as fast as the big boys.
We got our back lane paved last summer, and we didn't realize how much we'd make use of it. The kids want to go out as soon as they are done breakfast and then before and after school and then after supper yet again. It's quite a juggle as I'm not confident enough to let Liam out there alone, so if I have dinner on the go, I'm in and out the back door to check on him. Usually I set up my lawnchair and watch them go back and forth!! It's amazing how much fun they can have just riding in that stretch of alley. There are neighbor kids out there most days and they all just "hang". Today they asked to bike to a big park a few minutes away. I can't run behind them on their bikes very well, so I made a compromise and drove them to the park with bikes in the back of the van! and then let them bike at the park to their hearts content.

Here's Riley after a big wipe out...with tears and dirt streaming down his face.

Here's Liam on his BIG boy bike in our alley, and you can just barely see my Canada lawn chair there where I sit.

We're all going to miss this alley!! We're going to have to find some new hobbies once we move.


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