Any action??

Is that what you're asking?? And do you keep checking my blog for baby news??

Well I got NOTHIN.

And you know what? I'm ok! I actually am calm right now. I've come to realize that I'm just destined to have large babies and my body doesn't want to deliver until they are nice and plump. Sure I have these reoccurring flash-backs of the 6 hours I've spent in the past pushing them out (that doesn't include the labor part of things). Not something that one can easily forget. So every now and then I get that butterfly freaked out nervous feeling of what is to come. Yet I'm still a little too stubborn and nervous to consider an epidural too I don't know what will happen. I personally think I handle labor pretty well. I do start to lose it a little at the end when you just don't understand how in the world the baby is going to come out. You've just gone through hours of pain and then you're expected to push like you mean it?? Hello?
Sorry, not trying to freak out those of you who haven't had babies yet. It can't be all that bad if I was willing to sign up again, right? That, or somehow I had some serious memory loss during the time I was trying to conceive again.
But ya, anyway, who knows what's going to happen this time around...I guess we'll all find out soon.
Very soon.


The Foulds said…
I hope VERY soon for you!
I am looking forward to seeing who this little guy is. :)
Royden and Ruth said…
When I have kids I'm not sure if I'll have an epidural either...but a few of my friends have chosen them and labor sounds like a PARTY compared to those friends who haven't chosen one. My one friend who is a ICU nurse actually did use the word party to describe it. Of course they turn it off for that pesky pushed part;). You guys should come down to a show sometime after the dust settles. Lots of great bands come through Seattle and we've got a guest room.
Heather said…
I'm so excited to meet this new little guy soon... I really hope and pray that everything goes smoothly :)
Elizabeth said…
I hope its very soon for you, I always hated the last bit of being pregnant.. too impatient.. just want the kiddo out.. spent lots of time bouncing up and down on those big exercise balls.. hang in there it will be soon and you will be holding your beautiful new baby

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