Hard Wooden Benches

...that would be, pews.
We had the old-school church pews in our church when I was a teenager. We loved them. It ensured that you could snuggle up extra close with all your buddies and secret crushes. There was no one able to kick your back, and you never had to worry about your crack showing. Sure they were hard to sit on, but when you were young, stuff like that never crossed your mind.

Last night we got to do something very "adult" and go to a concert!! Without kids! Yay for us! It was held in the Knox United church in downtown Calgary...

Isn't it beautiful? We came to this same church to see Sarah Harmer in concert, and the sound in there is so amazing. I wish you could see more of the high arched ceiling and the side balconies...but you get the idea. We were seated (in the hard wooden benches) to the left in the upper balcony...third/back row.
We were there to see Shawn Colvin.If you can't think of who she is, most people will know of her song, Sunny Come Home. She's does mostly folk-style music, and it was just her on her guitar last night. It was not an upbeat concert by any means...more relaxing, perfect before-bed music. We were there with Lisa and Andrew.
It was a nice break to not have to put the kids to bed, and they enjoyed their time at Faith's anyway...thanks Faith!!


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