Promised Belly pictures

I was hoping I would be done with my weekly picture updates, but alas no. I've officially hit grouchy prego lady stage.

I mean seriously, can I stretch any farther??

16 weeks, 20 weeks, 27 weeks, 39 weeks


Susie said…
I love your belly. But I know what you mean about stretching any further. I sometimes feel like a foot is going to come popping out any second. Here's to hoping you meet your bambino soon.
Angella said…
You look GREAT! Totally cute, and all BELLY!
The Foulds said…
I agree with Angella, you are ALL belly!

Soon, very soon, I hope for you!
Anna said…
HA HA HA!!! That first picture is hilarious! You look totally amazing Sarah. All baby for sure.
Melissa said…
Hi Sarah! Great blog - I'll read more later. I have a blog, too - Catch ya later!

Tanneal said…
You STILL LOOK AWESOME...even if you are at that grumpy stage! Take can't be that much longer now!! I remember the feeling all too clearly!

I'll be checkin' in regularly...can't wait to 'meet' your munchkin =)

Take care,
Heidi said…
Turn that frown upside down! Hopefully not too much longer!!

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