Starting the makeover

Tomorrow is the first day of March!! This leaves us one month until our house will be put on the market. So the transformation begins. We haven't done anything much with our house since we moved in, so it's kind of exciting to finally be putting some work into it. Luke and Pam are coming up tomorrow and will get us novice painters started on the main floor. So all my pictures are down and the sanding/filling has begun. I picked this Shy Blossom green shade by Glidden paints. It'll take the yellow out of the walls a little. I think it'll look good....kinda like this....
Then we'll have to redo the kitchen mocha color and bathroom silver shade. I'll take some pictures for you.


Heidi said…
I really like the color. It is fun (and hard work) renovating and updating...too bad you will have to sell your house after but the future holds great things!

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