Something you don't want to see

Today we did our daily trek in the snow to the school. We had just arrived when I turned to my left and saw a bundle of pink get hit by a car. A little kindergarden girl was just hit. I screamed along with most of the mothers standing there, and many people started running. It seems a blur already, but I believe the driver had honked and that's what made me turn to look and see it all happen. The driver didn't seem like a parent, more of an older guy just minding his own business...and going probably too fast in front of a school in my opinion. Anyway...the girl thank goodness seemed fine. She was crying lots. I think her backpac was stuck under his wheel, but she did not get run right over. She walked off with her mother to their car and seemed to be mostly freaked out rather than hurt. The whole parade of firetruck/ambulance and policeman came soon after. Liam had lots to say about it while Riley was typically pretty quiet.
Anyway...accidents happen so fast. Isn't it just a miracle that we all can live to adulthood?? Give extra hugs to your loved ones today!!


T said…
Oh my goodness, that is so scary! It's amazing how you learn to slow down in school zones once you have your own little ones!

Thank goodness she was alright!
The Foulds said…
Scary! That is amazing that she is alright though!
Heather said…
Anna said…
Wow! I've got goose bumps. Thank the Lord she's alright! It could have been so much worse.

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