The joys of moving

...and I'm not being sarcastic here. Of course we all know the downsides there are of moving...the packing, sorting, cleaning, repairing, the actual physically hard moving day, the costs, and then leaving friends etc. I'm trying to focus on the good parts today. Most days I worry about how much our timing is completely terrible with having a baby right in the middle of it all, but I'm really wanting Riley to finish up with kindergarden before we uproot. I'm also not wanting to be so busy with the packing/unpacking that I miss out on the precious first months of our baby. And yet, somehow I know that we just need to go home this summer. Maybe last summer would have been more easy and convenient, but this is just the way that things have worked out and I'm sure there was a reason God had it work out this way.
Anyway...there are many things that get me excited about moving...the main part is the actual house stuff. I love looking at houses and dreaming about house plans and where I would put what and how I would decorate each room. I come by this honestly as my parents are exactly the same way. In fact my great grandma was well known for her cool house plans that she made for builders. It's fun to hear my dad and brother talk all about house stuff as they now work as finishers...putting up trim, railings and floors etc. for their new business. It is definitely a passion for our family, but the funny part is that though we moved many times, we never built a house or have even done a whole lot of stuff in our houses (aside from basement renos)...we just like to talk about it. We love house tours and seeing house plans, watching real estate or reno shows to which my hubby rolls his eyes. Actually my bro and his wife have just finished painting their house and put on a great they are more pro-active. I on the other-hand, haven't even painted a room. I've had other "things" to take up my time and also admit I am too much of a perfectionist to do a crappy job, making a mess out of it or having it take forever with all the interruptions that occur in a day for me. Things are going to change though. Currently our living room is a bold lime green. It needs some holes filled and a good coat of paint before we list it, so we are going to tone the shade down a bit. My parents and bro/sil have offered to come help us novice painters. I also have big plans to get some more furniture and move our unmatching "college days" junk out of here. We have one good couch we bought after we moved in, that's it, so I have some purchasing to do. I'll have to do a before/after shot for you. Then, once I have the experience from fixing up this place before we go and sell it, I will have more confidence to go to town in our new place. Hmmm...time to check out mls again.


The Foulds said…
Oooo it is all so exciting!
I like that kind of stuff too, I can't WAIT to have a "real" house to set up!
(we currently have a 2 bedroom town house that we are totally out growing and there are only 3 of us.)

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