Potty training...again

Yes...third time's a charm, right?
It's the end of day two and we're doing much better this time around...no pee on top of the sub, or pee in the carpets or on the couch (so far). We've got new Diego undies, special treats, and a new seat to fit on top of the big potty. He seems to have this major hate for the little potty chair we spent a small fortune on (which leaks anyway). Liam is aware that he is a big boy in his big boy undies and seems to be excited this time around. So I'm hoping that this is it!! I will give it my best go for at least a full week and will hope to report with good news. He's waking up dry from night too, so that's helpful. Then I can check off one more thing we hoped to get done before the baby.

It is so so cold and I'm coming down with a scratchy throat. Today was sunny with lots of snow on the ground. Yesterday before it snowed was terrible cold with major wind. I hate cold wind. I can deal with -35, without wind...but the wind cuts right through you like a knife. And you all know what can happen to your nose when there is major wind chill, ha ha. I must look like a real nut every day on our walk to school, all bundled up in my non-matching nor very hip outerwear, pushing a buggy through snow drifts with my glasses all nice and foggy. Happy February by the way! Yay! for being that much closer to spring. We are all suffering terribly from cabin fever. Tommorow we get to venture out to our friends as I'll be taking pics of a two year old. Then on Saturday I'll be taking pictures for the same family of all her 3 boys. Wish me luck with that!


Mar said…
Whoo Hoo - you can do it, Liam! ! You ARE a big boy! Have patience, Sarah, it's going to happen. Good time to be working on it. Have fun with the photo-taking! My cold is much better now, hope you don't succumb too badly! Hugs from Mom.

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