My time

Speaking of me's been rare for Liam to nap these days, and today he decided to be kind and is sleeping!! so YAY! He is such a bear in the late afternoon when he doesn't nap, and then an absolute crazy goofy man after supper until bedtime. So it's nice of him to nap for once and keep his usual and much saner schedule.
My friend thought it would be fun for "the girls" to go away to Kananaskis for a night. The Delta hotel has this spa package deal which also includes a chocolate fondue and movie night. So two girls and I are heading out tomorrow afternoon to get in on this lovely treatment. My sis, sis n law, her sis and G's sis all pitched in for a spa time for my their money is going to that and I'm really grateful to all of them. I'm getting my first facial.
I'm leaving the boys for the first time overnight, with Greg. They'll have a blast I'm sure.


Tanneal said…
I hope you have a WONDERFUL and very RELAXING time! How fun=)
The Foulds said…
That sounds great Sarah! Enjoy every bit of it! :)
Heather said…
Have fun :)

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