Girl Power

The package we got at the spa was called GirlPower!! Me and two girl friends went to the Delta Hotel in Kananaskis for this fun night of major food and relaxation. Our loft room was wonderful. We enjoyed the pool...this is the outside view of it...the sunlight roof is above the pool. The hot tub goes right to the outdoors, so we sat out there mostly.

After we had checked in and went for a swim, we enjoyed a chocolate fondue in our room and a movie.

We also soaked our feet in a peppermint foot bath while we watched.
The next day, after a wonderful buffet, we went for a quick jaunt around the village.

It was cold, but very beautiful, set in the snowy mountains.
Then it was time for our spa treatment. I went for the one hour facial which included an arm/hand/shoulder/scalp massage. It was really wonderful. I almost completely forgot where I was. I had the lady take a pic of me with my mask on but I look like I had just died on the I won't show you that. (I had a white milk mask on!)

I now have glowing happy skin. Totally rehydrated.
Then we hit the pool again and had a big yummy supper at the lodge before heading back to our normal lives!!
It was time and money well spent. Something I wish I could do more often with all my girl friends and sisters.


Heather said…
Wow you look relaxed! So glad you went away and enjoyed yourself.
Anna said…
Sounds great! We'll have to save up and do that again. I'm glad you got to relax some. Take care.
Michelle said…
Looks like fun Sush. Glad you got some well deserved time away for just you! Kind of reminds me of our mini spa days at Prairie. Wish we had more time for that kind of stuff these days. Glad you had fun!
Mar said…
You look just like I pictured you! Fun! Sounds awesome. . . yeah, we'll have to make our own spa days together. . . we'll kick Dad out and hang out in a kid-free zone!
Heidi said…
Well...I am jealous!!! I'm glad you were able to do such a fun and relaxing outing. Perfect! Go Girl Power!
Ruth Anne said…
You look great, Sarah. A well-deserved break! And what a beautiful setting in the mountains!
Tanneal said…
Sounds amazing...the scalp massage especially! You've inspired me to get some pampering, even if it's just a pedicure or something! So relaxing=)

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