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Today I made cookies for Riley's "friendship day" party tomorrow. Heaven forbid that the public school uses words like "Valentine's" or "Christmas" anymore.
I love baking. It becomes different when baking with two little guys who have a love for cookie dough (who doesn't I guess!) and who just can't keep their little hands to themselves!! Oh well, I'll get lots of time to bake alone when my boys grow up and want nothing to do with it! On Friday I actually made some cream puffs too...so I'm really on a roll.

Anyway, the point of this post... Happy Valentine's Day to all! I hope anyone reading this (all 6 of you) have someone close by to hug and smooch on. I sure do, and as much as there are days I just want to be ALONE for a minute, I don't want to miss a moment of the L O V E from my little men (and my big one too). Greg and I had our first valentines together when we were in grade 12. That was many many moons ago. I had bought him this big chocolate shaped like a letter "G". I had it hiding under my bed in its box in a bag. It apparently wasn't hidden enough, because our dog ended up finding it and eating the whole thing while I was at school. Yes...the dog ate it. Classic excuse, but true.


Mar said…
You're so SWEET! and yes - even Nanny's who forget to send cards want to pass love on to you! HUGS and KISSES! Nanny Bear
Heather said…
Awww... Happy Valentines to you too :)
Anna said…
It's a wonder Cookie didn't die from so much chocolate consumption. Happy Valentines Day Sarah and to your boys too.
The Foulds said…
They don't call it Valentines day anymore! Ridiculous!

Cute cookies and nice pictures of them.

Enjoy your Valentines! :)
Michelle said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your boys! Lee and I were making cookies last night too - so much fun! Love you lots!
Angella said…
Great cookies! Right back at you!
Ruth Anne said…
Pretty cool, Sarah! You are so creative! Love & hugs to you and your boys!!!
Tanneal said…
Wow...you guys have known each other for a LONG TIME!! That is so sweet=)

I love the dog ate the letter story...and those cookies look YUM!
AuntieLizzie said…

by the way... I think more than 6 people read your blog! GEEZE.


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