Changes and paint fumes

If this post doesn't make any sense, I'll blame it on the paint fumes. While Greg made food for us and entertained the kids, Luke, Pam and I started painting around 12:30pm until 6:30pm and finished off the living room and 2 bathrooms. We only had to do 2 coats other than the entry-way which had been white and so needed another coat. It looks totally new in here. Oh, and I forgot to tell you. We had tried out the "Shy Blossom" shade and it was TERRIBLE! It wasn't the exact tint that was on the sample. It looked like minty green toothpaste. We made a few strokes and decided that we had to take it back. The Home Depot staff agreed that the shade was off. I was reluctant to try anything close to that shade again, so I went for something totally different. We picked out Boston Fern, by Behr Paints. It is quite dark green with more browns in it. Our living room looks quite grown up now. I don't think you would think of it as a "Sarah" color...but I am happy with it and think it'll look great when I get our beige/neutral colored chairs and pictures on the wall. And most importantly, I think it'll appeal to the general public a lot more than our old lime shade would. The bathroom blue has less grey in it than I envisioned, but it looks nice and bright. It needs some beige/brown towels to bring down the brightness a bit. Mostly I'm happy with how clean and new everything looks. I spent a lot of time sanding and washing walls. Luke and Pam cleaned up the paint that had got on the trim and ceiling from the previous painters. So all that is left to do is the kitchen, which will be difficult with all the corners and edges, but it should be a similar shade to what it had been.
I promise to take pictures soon.
I even got a chance to sit down and party it up last night as Pams' sister turned 30 yesterday and we took her out to Red Lobster with some other friends. Yumm. I love the Ultimate Feast. I also like eating out with girlfriends. Happy 30th birthday Marie!!
Anyway, back to work.


Heather said…
Photos... I need photos! Sounds cool I just can't picture it : )
Anna said…
I looked up "Boston Fern". It looks nice. I too am looking forward to pictures though! Good luck with the kitchen.

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