We survived

Greg decided to have a guys weekend and left to Seattle on Sunday morning and is coming home today (Tuesday). He and Andrew went to see The Shins with his brother Glen. Sounds like they had a fun time. G's birthday is in a few weeks, so I guess you could call it an early celebration.
In the meantime I was left with the boys, which is not too crazy as I'm home every day with them...except there isn't that time after 6pm when dad walks in the door and wrestles with the boys and I get a "break" to do the dishes and caught up on laundry before they are in bed by 8pm. That little 2 hour window of opportunity. Also I had to take them to church on my own which isn't the easiest when you are leading singing for all the kids and your lead guitar player (that would be Greg) is away!! So it was me, myself and I, with Liam on the floor beside me with a huge snack. That kid will not go into the nursery (praise&play) anymore, without screaming bloody murder, and the room is right off of the sanctuary area so I can't just leave him yelling the whole time!! Oh well...I know all kids have their stage of playing shy and this is it for him. He had no accidents this whole weekend by the way!! (go Liam) I also am finishing up the church directory photos and we actually got all that we could do...only missing about 3 families now who have been away. So that project is almost done.
Ya, so we survived. I've said it before, but I want to give credit to all those single mommies out there.
Today I'm going with Riley to school as a volunteer for his 100th day of school. I guess it's a big deal. We made an abacus (sp?) out of 10 strings of 10 fruit loops for Rileys' project.
Have a good week!


The Foulds said…
I too am glad that I am not doing this whole parenting thing by myself!

A fruit loop abacus! Yum! :)
Anna said…
Good job Sarah. Just think...next year if G goes away for a few days you can come hang out with me at my house! YAY!

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