Family of four

I was taking pictures all morning at church as we attempt to update our church directory. It's pretty fun to see everyone in their current family groups and see how much they have changed and grown since their last picture. Our family included! Our last photo in the church directory, we're looking rather straggled with a grouchy 2 year old Riley and a totally limp and utterly full newborn Liam who had just finished nursing the entire length of the service. G and I were there, but barely standing due to exhaustion. I guess that hasn't changed. No. I guess it looks like we have a little more life in us after our wonderful vacation.
So this is us today...our family of four. Won't be four for long. You see a bit of the "bump" behind Liam, which will soon be another little body to add in our next church directory photo.
Greg and I were discussing as we drove through our old neighborhood the other day, how we can hardly remember when it was just the two of us. Just Greg and Sarah. The young little newlyweds in our little apartment in Capitol Hill. It's such a distant memory now. How life changes so fast.


Anna said…
I LOVE this picture! It's so cute but not super posed...cute!
Mom said…
Great picture! Pretty soon you'll be a family of five! We love you!

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