Honeymoon is over

...and I don't mean in my marriage.
I'm talking about this pregnancy of mine.
I seem to be drifting farther and farther away from the wonderful bliss of the 2nd trimester...no sickness, cute little boots now and again, renewed energy, easy time sleeping at night etc. to suddenly feeling larger, huge kung foo moves late into the night, shortness of breath, tiredness, sore bones, a shift in my posture which makes my back tired, etc.
Oh yay.
I had it so easy in the first 6 months that I'm worried it'll somehow turn into a wicked last 3. So optimistic, I know. I'll try not to whine. I need to take some more pictures of myself before I turn ginormous. How do you ladies with 8+ children do this over and over?!


Heather said…
Almost done... Hang in there!
Michelle said…
I used one of those wedge pillows at night om nce I got big and uncomfortable. Have you tried one of them? It won't help with the kung fu moves but it might make you a bit more comfy. Hopefully this is just a bad spell and you'll feel great again soon :) Hang in there. I'm thinking of you lots.
Tanneal said…
I'm remembering all too well at this point all those symptoms you described! I hope things stay managable for you in this last stretch...the finish line is just around the corner=)
Angella said…
Oh, I remember it all too well. Have you seen that family on TLC with 16 children? SIXTEEN! I would die.

Mar said…
Aren't you GLAD you don't have to heft Liam up onto that change table anymore?! Hang in there sweetie. . . it'll be a distant memory before long! with a (big?)bundle of joy to replace it!

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