More of Maui

I know you've all been waiting for more pictures of our trip...and I finally have got them onto my computer, after G installed the new hard drive. Thanks honey.
Let me tell you a few stories with the pics...if blogger cooperates here...

Here's the Maui baby bumps. Lisa was going on week 16? and I was at week 23. We brought them back some little baby t-shirts from Maui. We had to do frequent potty breaks, but otherwise I thought us prego ladies did well on the trip.

This was our ride. We rented the PT cruiser and went up and down the west coast. It was really fun. Greg proudly took this photo.

Here we are from the inside. (Andrew took this photo.) We all got the nice wind-blown hair look.

Our first day...whale watching. Hey, I'm not the's behind me. (Greg took this photo.) There were many whales around. On the last day I got to see one jump up and almost clear the cool.

These three pictures were taken while we went on a timeshare tour of a fancy hotel. We got sucked into hearing the 2 hour speech from this sales guy in order to get a super cheap price on a luau for later in the evening. It was fun to see the high rise rooms, and the incredible view...but ya, 2 hours was a little long to sit there through the guys shpeel. But the luau was really good, so it paid off.

This last photo is taken that evening on the grounds of the hotel where we had our luau. It was absolutely beautiful there. Greg took this picture...I'm walking up on the right there. There were about 200? or so guests at this luau that all sat outdoors in the perfect wedding setting...just on the lawns above the ocean...with gorgeous sunset views. The food was amazing. I've never had so much fish in one week. I couldn't get enough of the mahi mahi. We were served like royalty, and the guys were served up endless drinks and I had this yummy coconut one.
Greg was chosen out of the crowd to go up on the stage and dance. Here he is shaking it!

Here we all four are on our condo patio on the last morning. (Andrew brought his little tripod!) So sad that it could be over so soon. We had to check-out of the condo by 11am, and so all our luggage was in the car with us for the entire day til our flight out at 11pm. We decided to spend the day at the beach(es). We didn't want to waste our time shopping. It was another perfectly sunny day. We headed south to a gorgeous beach, appropriately called Big Beach (because of the big waves). We went out for lunch afterwards (without a shower first) and the waitress had guessed where we had been cuz we were absolutely covered in sand. The sand was caked in our ears and eyelids and we're still shaking it out of odd places! The waves were totally cool and the water was super clear. I was pretty nervous as I'm not very balanced as it is, but I managed to avoid the massive wave that took out Lisa and Greg!

This is one of the waves, with Andrew and Greg in the middle of it! Lisa took this sweet photo!

And I wanted to include this picture of our friends Lisa and Andrew, as our final evening in Maui came to a close. We had such a good time with these two, and thank them for all their hard work that they put into planning the trip for us. Hopefully we can all go on another trip again together.

So I don't have any more energy to add more pics tonight...I will probably post some more on Flickr at some point. I didn't get as many pictures as I would have hoped, but at the same time I didn't want to spend the short holiday behind my camera. Thankfully Andrew has some great photos, so be sure to check out his blog.

Hope you enjoyed the short tour.


Mar said…
Beautiful! Great memories - well put!
Anna said…
I agree with mom...nice post. It gives me the warm fuzzies.
Angella said…
WOW. Looks like an amazing trip. Beautiful photos to boot!
Heather said…
Yes the photos I've been dying to see. Love the belly bump one :)
Mom D said…
Just perfect! You're looking great - tanned, relaxed & having fun in paradise!
T said…'s looks SO beautiful there!!!

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