Monster Mash

So this is what we wore for the treat trail downtown today. Just the three of us went, and had a great time.

And these are more details of the boys costumes, of what they wore to school. Riley got his picture taken and put in the school paper, and was also stopped twice downtown today to get his picture taken by the local newspaper.

Liam was done being a pirate after school, and spent the rest of halloween as a giraffe.
After dinner tonight, the whole 5 of us went up and down our street. Shea was a puppy, and when he ran, his little tail wagged behind him (I'll post those pics soon). He caught on right away and was downright adorable. "MOM! I got lots!"


Heather said…
Wow Great Costumes!
Bloggy Mama said…
Jen said…
Wow Sarah- you are so creative!
Lisa said…
That robot is amazing! And Liam looks so good as a little pirate!
That Liam! ! what a face! ! You guys looked like a barrel of fun!

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