Come on in!

Thought I'd invite you inside for a little tour of our place...

Our playroom in the very basement. It is rarely used unless we have company. They typically play in the family room which is just off of the kitchen.

Our bedroom. All the 3 bedrooms have a deck. We also have an ensuite and a walk in little closet.

Riley and Liam's room. Soon to be changed as we will move Liam over with Shea. The room is tiny, but it works.

Shea's room. One of my favorites. Always has lots of sun. It is handy to have a deck right here so I can store his dirty diapers outside!

Looking into our living room from the kitchen. You can still see a bit of the bar counter where my computer is sitting (and usually is). What you don't see is the vaulted ceiling in there, which makes it another of my favorite rooms.

And the kitchen, where I spend a lot of time. It is still not completed but is very functional with great views to the outdoors and two adjoining rooms.

Not shown...the two bathrooms, the laundry room, office, "studio" and family room. They are typically dirty and need a lot of work!

Thanks for stopping by!


Bloggy Mama said…
Awesome. Your house has so much open space. I love it!
Jen said…
Your house is WAY too clean. Love the kitchen! And your decorating!
Anna said…
I like your sofa couch thing in the basement! Did you get rid of the car bed?
Sarah said…
It is definitely not always this is coming for Thanksgiving!! Anna...just moved the sofa bed into the basement because Mich is coming for a visit and that will be her room. Moved the car bed into the studio and soon enough it'll be in Shea's room!
Anna said…
Mich is coming? YAY!!!

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