101 things to do...

This is the book that Riley brought home from the library this week!

Oh my goodness...it's hilarious! I read off a few of the ideas to my sister last night (happy birthday Anna!)

1. Teach your grandparents something new..ie. cell phones, the internet, DvD players, modern music...etc.
2. Save your allowance for a month and spend it all at once.
3. Fart or burp in public places.
4. Learn to say useful phrases in other languages.
5. Sing in front of an audience.
6. Learn to do a party trick.
7. Stay up all night.
8. Touch these creatures...mouse, frog, fish, snake, spider etc.
9. Meet someone famous.
10. Make a difference, be a vegetarian for a week.

The funniest part is that after explaining each idea, there is a form on the following page where they ask you questions about how it went. For example, where it asks you to fart or burp in public places, it shows a little picture of a movie theatre and then you check whether you burped or farted there, and then it coaches you..."Learn to make it look like somebody else did it. A good way is to look in their direction and raise your eyebrows at them."

Anyway, some are kinda rude like that one, but others are a good idea, like the Bucket List!
A good party gift!!


Bloggy Mama said…
Totally fun. I keep forgetting that I want to make a bucket list... maybe that should be the first item on my list "make bucket list"...
Lisa said…
That is hilarious! Great ideas too!
I also love the bucket list thing, which I have never written down but do have a mental list - that way I can adjust it as necessary!

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