Sick, bruised, and partied out.

We still haven't determined yet what really is wrong with our little Shea. He presented flu-like symptoms for the first two days, and then seemed fine during the day and only getting sick at night. Now he went two full days and nights just fine and got sick late last night again!? I don't know what is wrong with the poor guy. I must say that I'm quite reluctant to go to the doctor and get blood work and urine samples done. We've been there, done that and it was AWFUL! I've talked to the public health nurse by phone, I've read up on all the H1N1 symptoms and have ruled that out. So I think it's just a thing of him getting gagged during the night in combination with an over-sensitive stomach (as he just had the flu). I'm sticking by that idea until further symptoms take over!
Needless to say, we aren't getting much sleep and the worry that the rest of us will come down with something is enough to keep me up!
Greg's parents took the big boys last night for a sleepover. Poor Liam had a biking accident while with them and has a big black eye/face and his arm/elbow is one big scrape and bruise! I said it will fit in perfectly with his pirate costume he'll be wearing at the end of the week...poor guy. I'm glad I wasn't there to witness his fall, as his poor grandparents have to replay that one in their heads and feel just awful.
We hosted another party here on Friday for my sister in law's birthday. It was a pro D day for the kids, so I had to stick to a rigid schedule in order to get the cakes baked, the present bought, the food and house ready, without losing my sanity over the kids. Not an easy juggling act, but always worth it in the end.


It was a great evening! Thanks for all your hard work! It came together well. It's funny how mellow you parents are getting in the evenings. . . AND T&B too for that matter!
Poor Liam! you're right - poor grandparents! I hope Shea is better quick! !
Bloggy Mama said…
You're amazing, Sarah. I hope Shea feels better soon!!
Lisa said…
Your poor sick/hurt little boys! And poor you! Yuck. Very brave of you to take on party hosting on top of that!
Have you read up about rota virus - my kids have had that several times in the past. It's pretty gross, and sadly you just have to wait it out and keep them hydrated.
Hopefully the rest of you stay healthy!

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