girl time

Here's the little munchkin who spent most of the week with us. She is such a good little baby with free smiles for everyone!
It was so fun to have her and Michelle here, and though the boys were fighting for my attention and keeping me from being "the hostess with the mostess"...she got a pretty realistic vision of how it is with three boys around! (Busy. Loud. Competitive.) Greg gave us a few hours to ourselves yesterday so we could shop around town and eat in peace.
Thanks for coming and hanging out with us!! I'm looking forward to many more reunions.


Anna said…
Awww! Great pictures! I've been waiting for these all week. Glad you had a good time with some girls!
Bloggy Mama said…
Fun!!! She's such a cutie-pie. So glad that you got some girl-time :)
Heather said…
What a cutie! Glad you had fun :)
Sure is awesome to have such a great friend - who comes with her own cute little girl to share! ! Happy for you. Yes, I was looking forward to the pics too.

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