School photos

(ha ha)

I got Riley and Liam's school photos back, and I must say that I wasn't too impressed. I don't blame the photographer, as I know it takes a good deal of time and patience from a child to get a "natural" smile rather than just a "cheese" smile. So I thought I'd see if I could do any better today on my own. Here's what I got. Do you think they would be worthy of replacing a school photo? I am going to order a few of pose 3 of the real school pic of Liam, but none of Riley's as I like the ones below better.


Such great subjects! ! How could you fail? ? But seriously those are great shots! ! Maybe the second of Liam is a bit over the top - but I really like them. The black background is great for setting them off well.
Anna said…
Oh gosh. Yours are WAY better!
For sure - now that you've added the original ones - yours are way better. R's looks a little bit like he's in a "mug" shot! whereas in yours he looks like a real boy!
Kristin said…
Yours are totally better!

But how did you get to co-operate!?
Melissa said…
Oh wow - yours are TOTALLY better! I wouldn't even bother with the school ones - you rock!!
Bloggy Mama said…
Yep, yours are totally way better.
Lisa said…
My goodness those boys are cute! I always feel obligated to buy some of the school ones but never really like them. We don't have ours back yet from this year - I was sick that day and Andrew took them to really I'm not sure what they even looked like! We may be doing our own as well this year too!

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