I spent many hours in the kitchen this weekend. I'm sure many of you did! It also has been almost too chilly to hang out outside other than the brisk walk to school, and it somehow has inspired me to bake and make warm hot meals! Summer is definitely over. The house is actually somewhat tidy, my grocery/meal list is working out nicely, I am starting to remember which days are library days, what times I need to be walking to the school, when all the extra curricular activities start and end etc. So the schedule is finally getting simpler and more natural. It only took a good month!!
Tomorrow, one of my very best friends (I met her at age 14) is coming to my house with her baby girl! There will be three females in this house for over four days! I am SO THRILLED! It has become a tradition that a few months after we have a baby, we spend close to a week at eachothers house. First she came with her firstborn to Calgary, then I came with baby Shea to hers, and now she's coming back (but to Salmon Arm this time) with baby Ashley! I'm not having any more babies, so next time I'll go up there with a book ;)
So I will be busy chattin' it up, drinking tea, going out for lunch and walks, giggling and enjoying girl time for the next few days! Lucky me!


Melissa said…
Oh, that's awesome!! Have FUN!!!!! (Like you need any encouragement to do that!)
MMMMMM wonder which book could ever be so interesting or consuming??
Have FUN!! will we get to see them?
Bloggy Mama said…
Yay!! Have a great catch-up!!
Lisa said…
Sounds fun! All your boys won't know what hit them!
Heather said…
Sweet! Have a Lovely time with your friend :)

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