Happy 10th Birthday, Amy!

Our oldest niece turns 10 today. When we got married, her mom was a bridesmaid in our wedding, and she was a bump under the dress! We were wed, moved away to Calgary, and after a few short months, Amy arrived on the scene. We were so excited to be first-time auntie and uncle! We had to wait a week, and then drove out for thanksgiving and to meet our new little baby niece. I still remember it all like it happened yesterday! We went over to my parents old house, where my brother lived in the basement suite. They brought her up the stairs and passed her over and Greg and I were in love at once!! It was such a bizarre feeling to meet a little person who was part of our family. It was like we knew her already though we had just met.
And now here she is today... ten and beautiful. A sweet thing who is very easy going and lovable. Full of giggles and patience for her younger cousins.
Happy Birthday!!!


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