I know. This blog is really lacking content in a big way. It has just been a pretty miserable and long week I guess. I have been fighting a pesky head cold that just won't leave and that keeps me up at night coughing and leaving me wasted during the day. The days are dull and gray, and yet the boys are busy busy busy.
Greg is leaving for work again tomorrow for a couple of days which will make for even longer days, so I have been trying to rest up and nip this cold in the BUTT!

I haven't even taken a picture since Halloween and will be getting on that soon, I promise. Shea and Riley just got their hair cut today and are looking especially more like eachother and handsome. Liam is still covered in tattoos since his day as a pirate.

Are you getting excited about Christmas?! I am! Today we were at the mall shopping for my niece and happened to notice that the Fisher Price Nativity scene is right at Zellers. I could not find it in Canada last year at all! Also, the Lego Christmas advent Calendar was there too, which you can usually only get online! They are sort of "extra" items that are a bit of a splurge, so I'll see if we can swing it. I still haven't really decided what we are going to get the boys for Christmas. I was making a mental note the other day of things that I bought them last year, and which of them they still make use of. One thing I will definitely change this year is not spending money on stocking items. I am going to go to the thrift store over the next couple of weeks and stock up on all those discarded McD's toys and Hot Wheels...wash them off and stuff them in the stockings. They will be thrilled with that and a few chocolates. I know, I sound super cheap, but it's more a matter of not wanting to be wasteful. My boys are not suffering in the toy department, and they are all dressed much better than G or I will ever be! They will get one small gift from a cousin this year, and the rest of their gifts will be from us, so we have to save money somewhere! I'm trying to come up with something super creative to make for friends and family this year, any suggestions would be welcome!
Things we have done in the past...made chocolates, made cards (packs of 10 with envelopes), made rubs (to put on meat), made caramel popcorn, made ornaments....umm?? I need some new ideas. Anyone?!


Bloggy Mama said…
I'm e-mailing you...
Ah your list of past gifts is great! ! I'm all for re-runs on any of that stuff! ! I yes, I totally agree with not spending tonnes on the stockings. It's true - what do they really NEED to have? We had a good discussion at lunch today (with 3 friends) about the whole Christmas thing. Some are abandoning it all together because they feel it's too pagan - but we agreed that we really can and should use it as a great opportunity to be reminded about the importance of the gift of Christ, and the significance in our lives that He is. It's a wonderful time to set aside for loving each other better than usual too! ! it's easy for days to just fly by without expressing that enough and making the extra effort to be together.

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