Project sneak peek!

This week I've been knee deep in creativity! It has been lots of's a little hint into what I'm up to...

Today I was allowed to watch Liam doing gymnastics. They typically keep the door shut to the parents to avoid distraction, so until today, I didn't know what on earth he was up to in there! It was SO fun! Ah, to be a kid again.
(sorry, the pictures are nasty as I was way far back with crappy lighting!)

I also was the parent helper in Liam's kindergarten class today. I haven't been in there before to watch the teacher in action, so it was a learning experience for sure! This teacher means business! In the short time they have there, we went to the gym for stations, watched four kids do their reading and show and tell (with a mic on!), went to the library, went outside to play, had snacks, sang songs, wrote a journal entry complete with words and pictures and played at a math station! Incredible. Though the teacher was quite serious and not overly cheerful to say the least, she is teaching them SO much! They are getting such a good start and have made such a leap from PLAYschool to real school! My favorite part was where they did roll call. Instead of the usual, "Is Liam here?", they had the special helper (a fellow student) read off the list and say "Good afternoon, Liam" to which they were to each reply, "Good afternoon, Ryley". It was darling. Like a formal tea party.

Man, the weeks fly by. It is the end of October, for crying out loud!
Thankfully Shea is doing fine with just a remaining runny nose. He is a talking, busy little gaffer in serious need of some video time for sure...have to get on that!


Bloggy Mama said…
I LOVE that you have a computer fan on the robot costume. Does it work? Remind me to tell you about my cousin's dress-up-wedding-reception, sometime. It was a riot. So glad that Liam is having a great K year, so far. Gym - fuuuunnnn. Also glad to hear that Shea is on the mend.
Sarah said…
No, the fan doesn't that would be cool. This is because mommy built the costume, not daddy, so nothing actually works on it!

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