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I guess it's time to come clean on my blog and fill you in on my little secret.
Any guesses?? It's probably not too much of a's a hint.

Ok, I know, I know. It doesn't look much like a bun. It's all I had in the house at the time and I ended up having to tell my family really quickly (cuz the secret slipped) and I wanted to make it somewhat funny. really got it. Are you toasting a bagel? Is there a bag on top of the stove?? I don't know.

It's a BUN IN THE OVEN, by the way.

Or maybe this is a better hint...

I did my very first pregnancy test with this, my 3rd pregnancy. I didn't think I would believe a home test if I did one with the first 2. I took this test right after I went on the roller coaster that day back in September. Since then, I've been exhausted, slightly nauseated and seriously lacking an appetite. YES, though. I'm having another baby!! It's "planned" to be our last, so I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it and am feeling so blessed at how easy a time we've had getting pregnant and having healthy babies.
This morning I had my 12 week appointment, where we were to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I was looking forward to Greg and the boys coming along, cuz G is off work today. But Liam woke up and barfed all over me this morning (nice), so they stayed behind. I called Greg on the cell phone right as the doctor was using the doppler to find the heartbeat. She found a strong heartbeat in no time (heaven!) and it's recorded on our answering machine for us to hear over and over again.

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So the story begins...I know you all like following prego least I sure do!!


The Foulds said…
That is SO exciting!! YAY!!
Hope everything continues to go well, I look forward to following your story, I do like baby stories. :)
Angella said…
Heather said…
I was just wondering when you would post this! I'm so happy for you guys :) Auntie Heathie
Michelle said…
That's great you guys! I love hearing the baby's heartbeat. Can't wait to meet the next little Davidson!
Heather said…
I got misty listening to the heartbeat... how precious... thanks for sharing!
Anna said…
Same here Heather! I'm such a sap. Anyway, congrats guys. I'm so happy for you.
Royden and Ruth said…
Yah! You two make cute kids...we're glad you decided to make another one!
Ruth Anne said…
How special to hear the baby's heartbeat! A miracle really, when you think this little one is just 12 weeks along!!! We're excited and praying for you and baby. Love, G&G
karen said…
Congrats! That's such great news!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my list post -- I've been thinking in lists too. Crazy.

I have a confession -- I've been kind of 'lurking' for a while -- I can't even remember how I found your site, from Amanda to Heather, maybe? Anyways, I'm Jenny Kunka (Peters) sister, and I'm pretty sure we've met before (at their wedding?).

Babies everywhere. How cool is that?

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